Visualise it on your wall!

Choosing a print is such an emotional decision with so many factors at play. A bold image that grips you from the very first time you saw it or a lovely subtle work you keep coming back to.
Now that you have decided, you want to know that it is going to work in the space that you have envisioned for it, that wall in your living room, the space above your bed or the entrance to your office reception.
Not sure? Need advice? Send us a picture of the space or wall and we will place your chosen image for you, advising on the size, framing options and positioning.
We can even do variations with different images for you if you are undecided between them and need to see what works best where.
If you are in the beginning stages of a project and would like some input, feel free to mail us and we can be involved from the start allowing for better integration of all the elements of decor and design.
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