All Photo Experiences

All Photo Experiences

Adventure, an uncertain journey where the outcome is not determined.  A state of mind where one deliberately sets out to expose oneself to unknown elements, risks and uncertainties in the pursuit of excitement, thrills and stimulation.

Often a sense of great expectation can lessen our sense of accomplishment when we reach our goal and it doesn’t quite live up to what we had envisaged, leaving us feeling a bit flat and jaded. However knowing that all your efforts may come to nought heightens your sense of achievement especially when the escapade yields far more than you imagined.

Those are the experiences that keep us going back, seeking them, knowing that they are out of our control and may occur at any time. Although careful planning, experience and specialist knowledge all contribute to the increased chance of success, ultimately it is good fortune when all the elements align and come together to make a lasting and memorable moment.

My 30 or so years as a photographer have been filled with these moments where time, light and subjects come together and present themselves for those that have made the journey and are prepared for the fleeting moments as they unfold. The fleeting moment may last a split second or play itself out over several minutes but they seldom last for longer. It is because they are brief, that we value and pursue them and photographs are our rewards that we treasure.

The records that will spark our memories when they begin to fade, allowing us to relive the moments, or share them with others.

On occasion I have advised those with me, “Put your camera down and take it in with your eyes, allow the whole experience to immerse you, imprint an image on your mind using all your senses. The sounds and smells are important too and placing a camera to your eye diminishes them ”

“Which is more important” asked Big Panda “the journey or the destination?”“The company” said Tiny Dragon.

You don’t always encounter the thing you were seeking or see the animal you set out to find and often the light will fizzle and die on you but if you maintain an adventurous outlook chances are you will make a discovery, learn something new or impart some of your knowledge to another.

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