About Lith Prints

Notoriously difficult to master and control, this process of ‘Infectuous Development’ manipulated a variety of elements to create prints that are distinctive and unique. Highly sought after, this now discontinued process, was a challenge that only a small number of printers and photographers mastered.

Now with new technology and advances in digital cameras and printers we are freed from the constraints of the analogue processes and as artists embracing the changes in a new world, are able to print these beautiful images to a size previously unattainable.

Using extended development times with a highly diluted developer, the critical point was reached. Total concentration and focus was required as the “Snatch Point” presented itself and the paper was firmly grasped and swiftly removed from the slippery developer and skilfully slipped into a stop bath that immediately arrested the development.

The anticipation and interpretation of the print unfolding before your eyes, understanding exactly when to ‘pull’ it, had identical parallels to the “Decisive Moment “ when the image was originally photographed and captured. You had to be in the moment, and there was a palpable tension as it got closer and closer, and your focus narrowed.

It was an unforgiving process that revealed any shortcomings in technique or concentration much later once the lights went on.When everything aligned and a final print was realised there was an emotional release, a sense of accomplishment and relief.

As a result each print is an original and is treasured by those that created them.

The mood, atmosphere and artistic vision can can be shared and displayed many times greater than the original print with absolutely no loss in quality and craftsmanship maintaining the essence of the image.

Ultra large digital files captured on an extremely high end medium format camera and digital back, has allowed Chad to copy and print these valued images and present them in numbered editions.