Pod of common dolphins swimming at Seal Island, False Bay, Western Cape, South Africa | Fine art Photographic print by Chad henning
Dolphins 2

Dolphins 2

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Limited Edition (signed & certified),

Fine Art Photography Print - Dolphins 2

We had set out to watch the Great White sharks breaching at Seal Island, False Bay and that usually wraps up at around 9:30 AM. Doing a last drive around the island I saw some flashes of light in the distance and we headed over to investigate.

It was one of the largest pods of common dolphins  (Delphinus delphisthat I had ever observed and they were moving at pace, hunting. It was an incredible experience to be moving in amongst them as they surged across the bay at speed. The energy, speed and stamina was awesome.

Slow shutter speed whilst panning the camera creates a painterly cool hued image.

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