Humpback Superpod

Humpback Superpod #254

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Fine Art Photography Print - Humpback Superpod #254

We had heard of this superpod of Humpback Whales and got reports of them being sighted off Kommetjie a few miles out to sea. We headed out with only the sketchiest of information and were hoping to get lucky. After a few miles we saw a blow and changed bearing to head in that direction. After traveling for several more minutes we saw a few more and then it became obvious that we had found them. I took out my cameras and began shooting some pictures but in all honesty it is quite hard to try and capture the spectacle. Suddenly within minutes a fog bank rolled in and had we been just a bit later, would not have found them. As it was we were able to stick with them and the fog made for some unique images. This was an incredible experience and switching off the motors, just listening and being surrounded by the sounds of their breathing amplified the adventure. Highly recommended.

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