Johnson 2

Johnson 2

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Limited Edition (signed & certified),

Fine Art Photography Print - Johnson 2

Portrait of Johnson, a fine painter who loved to laugh and was extremely proud of his work and craft. We lived together for 6 months whist we renovated my house. I would leave him at 8am in the morning and when I returned after 6pm in the evening he was still sanding, scrubbing or painting. After we had  a quick supper I would change and get going with the heat gun preparing the next area for him. We would work until about 12 and then shower and head off to bed only to resume the cycle the following morning. He had such stamina and an eye for detail. He always told me "It's the preparation China, we can't take any shortcuts" I thought it fitting to print his portrait on a hand coated emulsion. 

  • Unless otherwise specified, all print sizes include the 2.5 inch white border (top and sides) and 3 inch at the bottom to allow for the artist's signature.

  • All photos are printed by archival standards on Matt paper with archival ink.

  • Prints are Signed by the original artist and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.