Masai Mara Sunset

Masai Mara Sunset

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Limited Edition (signed & certified),

Fine Art Photography Print - Masai Mara Sunset

On the last day of an assignment in the Mara the left back suspension of our vehicle broke. It was close to sunset, no cellphone reception and little chance of getting rescued by passing tourists due to the time and distance to our camp. A bit of a predicament. I was not going to let a sunset go by without taking a picture. It was quite a flat area and only had some trees and hills in the distance to work with. I used my Zeiss 350mm on my 645 Contax camera and Leaf digital back to capture a panoramic shot consisting of 10 frames.

Night was coming quickly when we heard a vehicle approaching. It was the Camp bus bringing the night shift to work. Our crew of sweaty, smelly tourists was rescued by a bunch of clean and fresh workers.

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